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FAQ Questions

We are going to answer some of the most common questions ( faq ), in order to hire a car.


ANSWER: All drivers over 23 years of old, holding a valid, international driver license for at least a year, can rent a car from our company. In any other case you should contact us and make a special deal, undertaking the risk of an accident, since you hold a valid driver license for at least a year.

ANSWER: Using a credit card is upon your desire. Our company will not obligate you using a credit card as it isn't necessary. You can always pay on cash instead, upon your arrival.

  • What happens if I don't have a credit card?

ANSWER: You need to have a credit card for excess amount only. We will never charge you though if not necessary. If you don't have a credit card please mail us at info@simotascarrental.com and we will offer you all available options.

  • What legal documents are required in order to rent a car from your company?


  1. A valid, international driver license.
  2. A valid id or passport.
  • Can I book a specific type of car?

ANSWER: Usually the car you will choose to book is exactly the car you will get in reality. If something changes and the specific type of car is not available, we will inform you and deliver you a similar type of the car you chose

  • How could I find you at the airport/port/hotel?

ANSWER: We will be waiting for you to the agreed meeting point in the agreed time. That will be arranged after your booking is confirmed.

For ex. We will be waiting for you at the airport with a big label of our brand name and your name and surname written beneath. If any delays happen please contact us.

  • Will my booking be cancelled in case of a delay of my arrival?

ANSWER: No. We are always informed about the delays of the flights/ships and we will be waiting for you at the meeting point on time. In any case, you should contact us through mail or telephone.

  • How can I make a reservation/booking?

ANSWER: You can make a reservation easily just by sending an email at info@simotascarrental.com. We will reply fast and confirm your reservation after you agree with everything.

  • Can I rent a car from your company for 1 day?

ANSWER: NO. The minimum rental period according to our policy is 3 days.

  • So if the minimum period for the car rental is 3 days, can i pay for the 3 days and keep the car for just 1 day?

ANSWER: No, I'm afraid you can't do that.

  • Is there any possibility that I book a car from you and no one from your company appears at the meeting point?

ANSWER: No. We give big value to our customers and would never do that. We will be waiting for you on time, if not earlier looking forward to introduce you to Kefalonia.

  • I have already a full insurance plan regarding car hire from my own country. Is it better to use my own full insurance? Will this cover me in the case of possible damages?

ANSWER: Yes, it's absolutely valid and we recommend you to do so and use your own full insurance. So, for anything that might happen, you will pay the cost of any damages to us and we will give you all the necessary documents to help you get a full refund from your insurance company.

  • What should I do in case of a break-down?

ANSWER: You should call immediately to 0030 699 378 1240 or 0030 26710 42434  or send a message to info@simotascarrental.com or simotasvagelis@hotmail.com. We are online and at your service 24/7 and we will replace your car as soon as possible if that's the case.

  • Do you deliver for free in Airport area.

ANSWER: Yes, at the Airport are and the villages close by, we can service you without extra cost.

  • Can you deliver/collect the car in other places. Will there be an extra cost for this?

ANSWER: Yes, we can deliver you the car anywhere you are in Kefalonia, at your doorstep. Please send us a message to inform you of the cost.

  • Do you rent motorbikes?

ANSWER: No, we only rent cars.

  • Can I rent a car from your company, in Kefalonia and return it to a different island?

ANSWER: No, this option is not available.

  • Can I travel to mainland of Greece with my rental car?

ANSWER: No. this is not possible.

  • Can I travel to another island with my rental car?


  • Can I travel to Ithaca of Greece with my rental car?


  • Can I travel abroad with my rental car?

ANSWER: No, you can only travel around Greece and more specifically, Kefalonia island.

  • Are your cars clean and in good condition?

ANSWER: Yes, our fleet is well taken care of. All of our cars for rent, are sanitized and polished clean before and after every rental.
Cleanness and high customer service are our number one priority.

  • Do you use antibacterial solutions on the inner surface of your vehicles in order to prevend the spread of Covid-19?

ANSWER: Yes, all of our cars are very detailed cleaned with the use of antibacterial. This procedure takes place before and after every car rental.

  • Do you use Steam Cleaner for your cars?

ANSWER: Yes, we steam clean our cars. Having a steam cleaner means we can clean more than just what's on the surface. This procedure takes place before and after every car rental.

  • I need a baby seat for my child. Can I rely on you that you will provide me one?

ANSWER: Yes. Please inform us upon request of the age and weight of your child/children and we will provide you a baby seat or booster of the correct size. You may request more than 1 baby-seats/boosters and they are all offered free of charge and always clean.

  • Are your provided baby seats / boosters clean?

ANSWER: Yes. All of our baby-seats and boosters are carefully washed before and after every use. We want to offer a pleasant experience for you and your family.

  • I booked a car from Simotas Car Rental Kefalonia. Now my fight is cancelled and thus I need to cancel my booking, do you offer free cancellation?

ANSWER: Yes. Cancellation is free of charge. In any case of cancellation, you should inform us as soon as possible.

  • I booked a car and I need to change the dates for my booking to a further date. Can I do that? Are there any fees I am obliged to pay?

ANSWER: Yes you can change the dates of the bookings. No there are no extra fees to be paid. Please for any needed change regarding dates, email us the soonest the possible as we can no guarantee availability for the new dates.



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